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CoFundHub Services

CoFundHub is dedicated to developing an ecosystem to help startups accelerate globally.

CTO Services

Professional IT team will help you quickly develop the prototype that fits China markets.

Big Data Platform

Our database consists of over 600,000 SMEs, will help you quickly launch and validate your product market fit.

Marketing Automation Cloud

We provide marketing automation cloud to enable you to scale fast on a limited budget.

Big data fundraising platform

Our database consists of over 100,000 institutional investors, which will help you efficiently connect to fundings.

Business Development Team

Our professional BD team in China can help quickly tap into B2B and B2G markets.

Grant Application platform

Our hands-on grant application team in China can help you quickly and efficiently secure your operations funding in China.



CoFundHub helped us quickly settled in the China market by connecting with with the right resources and government relations.

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